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Tech this week : 28 – Jan.

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RealNetworks is back :   Ever wondered what happened to Realnetworks  after we all  streamed content via Youtube?  Well, Realplayer and the .rmv format may not be in vogue but the company is still alive. At CES 2011, real networks previewed Unifi .

unifi1   Unifi is a cloud service much like Dropbox .More specifically, it is aimed at unifying all your digital content across multiple devices and multiple apps(e.g..face book pictures)  at a single place.

  Unifi looks a very  promising utility. Think of accessing that very old picture of your  friend right when you meet him after several years right when you wanted it. The service won the CNET best of CES in the Software category.

Breakthrough  patent: Last week I also read about a patent by a MA based company for a
‘proprietary organism’ . Joule Unlimited claims to have developed a ‘library of proprietary Helioculture_image - courtesy wikipedia organisms’ that could directly convert to CO2 to  liquid hydrocarbons and ethanol .So that is real crude out of CO2 much  like photosynthesis.

The company has also made some very lofty claims and it has to be seen how much this becomes true. If true this would be potentially game changing with no need to drill for crude.

Let me end this post with a news item from India.

BiharSeal Bihar goes ‘Android’ savvy:   After so many years of backwardness, Bihar seems to be under  good hands .Nitish Kumar swept the Bihar elections last year  routing all the traditional parties in that state . I recently read of  Bihar’s Road Construction Department (RCD) using smart phones to track  urban development in the Naxal hit parts of the state.

  The RCD engineers would use the phone to take pictures of construction site . Photos taken using the ‘android’ phones would verify that the pictures were actually from that place .The supervisors could also track the whereabouts of their employees ,thanks to the GPS feature on Android. 

  Why Android phones and not any other phone OS ? The authorities say that ‘Unlike other OSs  Android comes will most of the ‘Google features’ prepackaged and the RCD would
use these features very easily.   It could come very handy for a government that built close to 23,000 km of new roads just in the past 5 years!


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