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Tech this week:14-Jan

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So 2011 has begun  ..and one of the thought I had was to resuscitate my ‘Tech updates’ thread that had become very infrequent.

January 2011 began with CES 2011, arguably the biggest tech event in the planet.  I don’t know how many of the ‘announcements’ will eventually be successful…but this post is about some of the eye catchers from the event .

Tablets everywhere : Yeah tablets are everywhere this CES and the hype is  so much that is Android-Honeycombovershadows everything else.  The biggest announcement of course is the Honeycomb from Google and Motorola Xoom device.

The Xoom device is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 a Dual core ARM Cortex-A9  chip with some impressive Graphics horsepower. Some of the applications like the new Google maps seem good. But we got to wait and see if this can match iPad.

Moto Atrix – Best from the show? : Apart from the XOOM , MOTO’s Atrix is making rounds as the ‘most powerful smartphone in the planet’. Its again Tegra –2 with both running at 1GHz  and a 1G RAM!

Especially the dock feature is a cool idea. It is a demonstration of what some would call  as ‘modular computing ‘. Have a look.There was a similar concept sometime back as well…but in that case the laptop was not having some processing and not truly a dumb extension as with the Atrix. So the technology behind Webtop is intriguing. Some say its another VM that the native android on the Atrix phone starts and hosts its apps .

Google search – some updates: I felt the change for sometime now.. and after reading this google-knolpost, I know its not just me but many others complaining that relevancy of Google search is getting down. One could argue on this that its not Google’s problem ,but the overwhelming spam content that is causing the issues,  but didn’t we all set Google as our home page thinking it should just give me the best results no matter what?


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January 14, 2011 at 10:17 pm

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