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May – Tech updates

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A lot has been happening in the tech space . The mobile computing domain is becoming ever more competitive especially among the 2 big companies Google & Apple. A lot has been discussed about Apple snubbing Flash and adopting HTML5 and Adobe fighting back back with advertisements etc.   Aside all the din about iPad and Froyo here are some links that caught my attention over the past month.


If you are some who who gets distracted by all the clutter around a website and want to  read just the stuff, then Readability is  for you. I don’t know how this tool works  the results are truly amazing and pretty fast .

As sample, I am attaching 2 snaps of  DrDobbs journal  here.  The left side is the actual website and the right is the clutter free version with just the article and nothing else !  You could find more on this tool here.

original after_plugin

WebM ..Why do we need this :

It is the season of new formats, and suddenly there is so much talk of open standards for video. I remember Vorbis and Theora getting launched without so much fanfare.  However, this time it is Google, so you could expect all the PR!


The WebM project , is about developing a high quality,open video format for the web. It includes VP8 a high quality video codec (replacing the proprietary H264 standard) , Vorbis – another open audio encoding format (the alternate to mp3) and a container format called Matroska (alternate to some popular containers like 3gp,flv ,m4a etc).

Google and several other companies are partners to this. Here is a good overview on these new developments and what it means for video over the Internet.

Robotics is one step closer:

While there are several things that many don’t like about Microsoft,they do  have some products that I admire.  The images most recent one is their Robotics Development Studio. Microsoft RDS is an easy to use tool for anyone interested in robotics .  Recently this tool was made free! RDS comes with several goodies all integrated into a single package, and works with some popular kits like the  LEGO  Mindstorm.

French open in 3D:


Thanks to James Cameron 3D has taken a great leap forward and the latest trend seems to be  3D TVs. Samsung  has already launched 3D TVs in India. Now Panasonic is making the first live 3D telecast .  But this is not a broadcast you could watch at your home, there are select outlets that will stream the content in HD3D. With HD  already a reality in  India, the next IPL could be 3D !


Written by sujai

May 30, 2010 at 3:59 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Isn’t MKV already an existing container? So WebM will be using MKV for its container? Not a bad idea.


    June 5, 2010 at 11:45 pm

  2. Yeah. .mkv and Vorbis are already existing ones.
    I dono why Theora was not selected for Video format but a new VP8 was selected. I hope there is a good reason to that other than the fact that Google purchased the company which developed VP8 🙂


    June 8, 2010 at 8:10 am

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