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Donald Knuth stops paying through checks :   Its the time for changes to happen …and now,  Donald Knuth has brought in a change!  Most computer engineers would be familiar of the ‘Knuth reward check‘. Now, Knuth has decided to stop giving checks to those who find errors in his publications. The decision is based on the security concerns with checks.

He has also explained that not many would be affected as only 6 of his checks have been cashed since 2006 and the rest have been cached!   As a replacement, money is deposited in his own ‘Bank of Sans Serriffe’ in the fictional nation of ‘San Serriffe’ which keeps account of everyone who found an error since 2006. One can see the top deposits are here : http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~knuth/boss.html !

IT enters health:  After revolutionizing most fields and causing devastating effects in few areas, IT is now entering seriously into ‘health care’. Electronic Health Records or EHR’s is  entering the US in a big way  and big players like Intel, Google and Microsoft are into this. Google’s solution looks more simplistic and well intergrated with its other web based tools..Intel’s solution is centered around a device, the PHS600.

4G consolidates to just 2 Standards: The next generation of  wireless communication standards was having 3 major contenders,   UMB from Qualcomm, WiMax from Sprint,Samsung, Intel  and LTE ,backed mostly by the operators like AT&T ,T-Mobile,Vodafone and China Mobile. Over the past weeks, it became clear was UMB was losing out ,with Intel, WiQuest and finally Qualcomm halting development on it. So we are now left with just WiMax and LTE in the race. My bet would be on LTE that is coming from 3GPP rather than the WiMAX standard from IEEE.

Written by sujai

November 19, 2008 at 9:21 pm

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