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Tech this week (Sep 29 to Oct 3,2008)

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Nokia’s Tube : Nokia has been hinting on a touch screen phone based on success of the iPhone.  Now they are here with the company’s first touch based phone based on S60 (they launched a  S90 based touch phone in 2005), codenamed ‘Tube’ the phone would debut in markets as 5800.

The phone is not targeted at  iPhone. Its USP would be Music based services, an area which Nokia is pursuing seriously with the launch Ovi suite of web services.

Following this Nokia has also launched version 3 of its Series 60 platform.  Series 60 has been updated with a host of goodies ,notable would be the support for touch and ‘motion based’ (accelerometer kinds) applications. The framework also adds support  C++ Standard Template Library and demand paging in the OS!

Ubuntu Intrepid : The October release of Ubuntu (Ubuntu Intrepid) is out for  beta testing.   I’m quite happy with Ubuntu Hardy ,and the memory usage has been pretty good. From this ‘first look’ by Life Hacker ,it appears that the release has some new features like Guest mode ,enhanced network manager etc.

This release packages Gnome 2.24 and XOrg 7.4 ,among other things. I am waiting for the performance benchmarks  from Phronix before switching to this release.    One can download the latest version from here: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/beta

Microsoft into Cloud Computing: After getting hands on the Desktop and the servers,Microsoft
wants to develop an OS for cloud computing now.  Steve Ballmer may unveil a new Windows operating
system suited for a cloud computing environment and can run .NET based applications during their annual  PDC event.

Lets see if Microsoft is able to catch up with the players already in this market (Amazon’s EC2
and Google’s App Engine .

2008 Ig Nobel Awards: Winners of the 2008 Ig Nobel awards were announced. The awards are given for
the weirdest scientific research done in each of the fields for which a Nobel prize is given.
This years list has some pretty interesting and hilarious ideas that have won this award.


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October 7, 2008 at 1:54 pm

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