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Movies 2008: Paruthiveeran

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I wanted to watch Paruthiveeran for quite some time..and last week ,I managed to watch it at home.
The movie did not disappoint me.

The movie is set in rural Tamil Nadu (probably near Madurai, one could guess from the accent)

Paruthiveeran is a ruffian who leads quite an adventurous life along with his uncle.  Mutthalagu is very much in love with Paruthiveeran .. an affection that starts early in her life when Paruthiveeran saves her from a well.  But Muthalagu is from a different caste and there is lot of opposition to marry her lover. Finally they decide to leave the village and move ahead..but things have gone too  bad to have a good ending for this movie. The ending is quite gruesome and abrupt. It reminded me of scenes from movies like Hannibal.

Priyamani’s role as Muthazaghu was exceptional. Her National award for ‘Best actress’ award is well deserved.  The movie is quite realistic, though at some places there was an ‘overkill’ of the rustic effect. Also, it was a bit lengthy and could have been shorter..nonetheless, its a fine ‘village movie’ that I have seen in a while.

Now I want to watch the other movies from this director (Mounam Pesiyadhe ,Raam ).


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October 3, 2008 at 11:22 pm

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