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Movies 2008: In the valley of Elah

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This is a serious movie on the personal costs that the soldiers in Iraq have to pay for their duty there.  Unlike movies like ‘Thin Red Line‘ and ‘Saving Private Ryan‘ ,this movie is not about the gore and blood shed during war.  It shows a very different aspect of war .It is about the  effects that the war on Iraq has on the various soldiers and their families in the US.

Hank Deerfield (Tommy L Jones)  is a retired police officer, whose son has gone missing soon after he returns his Iraq war duty.  Hank goes to the military base in search of his son..The search reveals disturbing facts about the lives of   soldiers there.

The movie conveys a very strong message on the ongoing war in Iraq. The title is an allusion to a mythical battle field where David fights against Goliath. I was not sure if   David (who wins the battle) represents the US or it was Goliath (who despite being mighty ,loses in the end).  Maybe the director wanted to keep that unanswered.

Verdict : The movie  moves very slowly and the mood is quite gloomy. Not something to watch on a pleasant afternoon.  If you like serious/sad movies,you could watch it once and muse about how bad things could be.


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September 10, 2008 at 5:48 pm

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