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C++ Recommended Books.

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C++ is a language with lots of concepts and there is no one book that details all its features nicely. Here is a list of books you could read on to master this language. Read in the order listed.

  1. “Accelerated C++” Andrew Koenig and Barbara Moo.
  2. “The C++ Standard Library” Nicolai Josuttis.
  3. “Effective C++” Scott Meyers
  4. “More Effective C++” Scott Meyers
  5. “Effective STL” Scott Meyers
  6. “Exceptional C++” Herb Sutter
  7. “”More Exceptional C++”” Herb Sutter
  8. “The C++ Programming Language” 3rd edition or later Bjarne Stroustrup
  9. “Modern C++ Design” Andrei Alexandrescu
  10. “C++ Templates: The Complete Guide” Vandevoorde and Josuttis
  11. “Standard C++ IOStreams and Locales” Langer and Kreft

this list is from here. Books in BOLD font are the ones that I have already read in part and would recommend to others..


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